Joe Dumars Explains Reasoning Behind Draymond Green’s Indefinite Suspension


Last week, Draymond Green was once again ejected from the court. Just a couple of weeks after serving a five-game suspension for a headlock on Rudy Gobert, the Golden State Warriors star delivered a punch to Suns big man, Jusuf Nurkić’s face.

After the incident, the NBA announced that Green has been suspended indefinitely. The NBA announced the penalty handed down by chief of operations, Joe Dumars, while also revealing that Green needs to fulfill some terms and requirements, before he’ll get reinstated.

Now, days after the NBA suspended Green indefinitely, Joe Dumars reasserted that there is no minimum or maximum amount of games attached to the punishment.


“No and no,” Dumars said Monday during an interview with multiple NBA. “So, obviously, it doesn’t go on truly indefinitely. At some point it will come to an end; but just in terms of a minimum, no, we have not put a minimum in for him.”


Earlier that day, before the interview, Shams Charania reported that Green is expected to miss at least the next three weeks. Dumars, however, didn’t exactly confirm this.


“We’re having something here that’s continuing to happen. Just casting a certain amount of games on him may not be the best way.”


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