Norris Cole Says Today’s NBA Players Have Lower Basketball IQ Compared To Players From His Time


Comparing players from different eras is a popular topic in the NBA. Some debates focus on specific topics like who is the greatest of all time, while others look at the overall skill levels of players from various eras.

The latter subject came up when former NBA guard Norris Cole spoke on a recent podcast. Cole, who played seven seasons in the NBA, is best known as a two-time NBA champion with the Miami Heat, playing with stars like Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

Additionally, Cole started in the NBA in the 2011-12 season and played his last season in 2016-17. Even though he’s not from an old basketball era, Cole noticed that today’s NBA players have lower basketball IQ compared to players from his time.


“I’m saying, because the age level and the style of play, these kids are coming in younger and younger, they never had to learn the basic sets. Like, we grew up running sets and then our talent would allow us sometimes to deviate,” Cole remarked. “You could deviate, but you always knew to only deviate when I need to. Let the system work for you and then when I need to be spectacular. Now it’s like I’m going to be spectacular straight from the jump. They never had to move the ball side to side two or three times to get a shot. Now, at the first available shot, let’s get it up.”


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