A Video That’s Possibly Exonerating Josh Giddey Has Surfaced


Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey is currently fighting some very serious accusations.

Giddey is accused of having an intimate relationship with an underage girl. Various videos and images of the guard, with the girl have surfaced on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Although Giddey hasn’t spoken on these accusations yet, the NBA has started its own investigation. Now, a new video has surfaced on X, that might help, or even exonerate Giddey.

In the video, Giddey can be seen dancing with what appears to be the female in question in a club. This led to many believing that if it indeed is the same girl, she’s likely to have lied about her age in order to get into the club.

At the same time however, many are rightfully questioning whether that immediately proves that Giddey was unaware of her age.



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