Kevin Garnett Claims LeBron James Uses Steroids: “He On That New Juice”


LeBron James is not only the greatest basketball player of his generation, but also one of the most durable and consistent athletes in the history of sports. At 39 years old, James is still playing at an elite level in his 21st NBA season, while breaking records and leading the Los Angeles Lakers.

How does James manage to maintain his excellence and longevity in a league that is constantly evolving and getting younger? What are the secrets behind his physical and mental preparation, his diet and lifestyle, his recovery and injury prevention, and his motivation and passion for the game? His discipline?

Well, certainly all of the above plays an important role in LeBron’s incredible longevity… But is there more to it?

According to Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett, LeBron James is using steroids. During a conversation about LeBron James being able to prevent his eldest son, NBA prospect Bronny James, from scoring in a hypothetical game, Garnett suggested that James uses steroids.


“You seen his dad? His dad on that BALCO, he on that new juice,”


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