Mike Muscala Hilariously Uses LinkedIn As If He Had An Ordinary Job

Credit: Oklahoma City Thunder


Mike Muscala is not a household name in the NBA, but he is a valuable role player who can stretch the floor with his three-point shooting. The 32-year-old center/power forward has played for seven different teams in his ten-year career, making him one of the most traveled players in the league.

Muscala has been a professional and a positive influence throughout his NBA journey, despite changing teams frequently. He has embraced his role as a shooter, and has improved his efficiency and consistency over the years. He has also shown his versatility, playing both the center and the power forward positions, and adapting to different systems and coaches.

Muscala may not be a star, but he is a solid contributor who can help any team with his shooting and his attitude. However Muscala definitely is a star amongst NBA players on LinkedIn. The NBA veteran use the professional networking platform just like anybody else, with an ordinary job, would, and this is pretty hilarious.


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