Could Bronny James Follow In Allen Iverson’s Footsteps? Stephon Marbury Ponders The Possibility


With Bronny James under the spotlight, the conversation now pivots to whether his potential NBA debut will happen next season or be postponed for another year of college development.

Initially pegged as a one-and-done talent, Bronny’s path to the NBA has taken a turn following a cardiac issue in the offseason and underwhelming college performances. As a result, Bronny has seen his stock fall, with the latest mock drafts projecting him as a second-round pick in 2025.

Many fans are eager to see Bronny in the NBA as soon as possible, hoping for the chance to watch him share the court alongside his father, LeBron James. However, others believe he should stay in college for another year to develop his skills before entering the professional league.

One supporter of this approach is former NBA star Stephon Marbury. He argues that another year in college wouldn’t hurt, referencing the success of Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson, who played two years in college before entering the NBA.


“First, I think that Bronny is a pro. I think, you know, he is playing 20 minutes, which is half the game in college. I think he needs to play more to be able to make more and to be able to have an opportunity, to really show his ability,” Marbury said. “Him staying in college for two years is not a bad thing. You got guys like Allen Iverson. He played two years.”


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