Should The San Antonio Spurs Go All In For Trae Young And Team Him Up With Victor Wembanyama?


There is no sense of urgency for the San Antonio Spurs this season, as they are not in win-now mode and have just embarked on a new era after drafting the generational talent Victor Wembanyama. Currently, they hold the worst record in the Western Conference with a record of 7-32.

That being said, a looming question arises as to whether the Spurs should consider making a trade for a high-caliber star to accelerate their progress and fully leverage Wembanyama’s potential and production.

Considering this, Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young surfaces as a player linked to the Spurs. Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer emphasizes this, specifically suggesting that the Spurs should prioritize acquiring Young instead of their former point guard Dejounte Murray.


“But as good as Murray is, the Hawks point guard that the Spurs should be chasing is Trae Young. While Atlanta isn’t seeking out deals for Young as it is for Murray, we’re moving toward a point when those intentions could change… San Antonio would be a dream fit for Young. Wembanyama and Young are both elite while being on opposite ends of the physical spectrum, making them a diverse duo that teams wouldn’t want to switch screens against.”


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