NBA Analyst Nick Wright Explains Why LeBron James Could Settle The GOAT Debate Next Season

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith

NBA Analyst Nick Wright Explains Why LeBron James Could Settle The GOAT Debate Next Season


The GOAT debate will never end, and because Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James hasn’t skipped a beat and continues to make history, expect the controversial debate to heat up even more as time goes by.

Currently, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is still leading the debate by a decent margin. However, over the past few years, many people are starting to acknowledge that LeBron is already the GOAT with four rings, four Finals MVPs, four MVPs, 10 Finals trips, 18 All-Star games and 18 All-NBA selections. 

Though everything is very debatable at this point, NBA analyst Nick Wright believes that the 37-year old Lakers superstar could seal the deal if he breaks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring record and lead the Lakers to an unlikely NBA championship while playing at an elite level next season. 

Per Lakers Daily:


“I don’t think the [Los Angeles] Lakers will win the title, and, as presently constituted, they can’t win the title,” Wright said on his podcast “What’s Wright? With Nick Wright.”

“But, if in LeBron’s 20th season, he not only passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in all-time scoring, which is going to happen midway through this year, but does it while playing at an All-NBA level, which he obviously did last year, and somehow the team were to win the title and it’s the title that breaks the tie with the [Boston] Celtics for most titles in franchise history?

“If that all were to happen, then the GOAT debate becomes an afterthought. Then it becomes, can you believe people were still arguing about it? They do not have enough to win the title this year unless they add a true difference-maker, which they’re not going to be able to do without getting rid of one or maybe both of those future picks.”


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