Cleveland Fans Disgustingly Call Moritz Wagner A Nazi & One Fan Even Kicked Him During Game 2


Every year, during the NBA playoffs, rivalries grow more intense and villains are born. For the Cleveland Cavaliers fans, Moritz Wagner of the Orlando Magic has become the latest antagonist, drawing the ire of the crowd and igniting a fiery competitiveness that has been missing in the team’s identity.

The drama unfolded during the first game of the Eastern Conference First Round, where the Cavaliers managed to secure a 1-0 lead against the Magic. Wagner, coming off the bench, played a significant role for his team, but it was his actions rather than his stats that caught everyone’s attention.

Wagner’s physical play, including a shove against Evan Mobley, did not sit well with the Cavaliers or their fans. The incident led to a technical foul for Isaac Okoro, who stood up for his teammate, and set the tone for the rest of the game. This moment was emblematic of the Cavaliers’ newfound resolve to not be pushed around, a sentiment that had been building up since their last year’s playoff loss to the New York Knicks.

The Cavaliers’ fans, who have been longing for a tougher team identity, found their rallying point in opposing Wagner. Every touch of the ball by Wagner was met with boos, a clear sign that the fans had chosen their villain. It’s a role that Wagner seemed to embrace, playing the part of the agitator, trying to get under the skin of the Cavaliers’ players and fans alike.

However, while making an opposing player their enemy somewhat belongs to sports, what some Cleveland fans have done with Wagner on social media, while also including his brother Franz in the slander, is outright disgusting.



Cavaliers fans behaving disgustingly towards Wagner, also included an on-court episode. A woman sitting courtside purposely kicked the German big man.


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