Ben Simmons Told Ronnie 2K To Give Him A ’98 Rating’

Photo Credit: AFP

Ben Simmons Told Ronnie 2K To Give Him A ’98 Rating’


It has become ridiculous how NBA players complain or brag about their 2k ratings. Joel Embiid basically started the trend two years ago, but there is no-one talking about his rating as much as Embiid’s teammate Ben Simmons.

Ronnie Singh, better known as Ronnie2K, who is the marketing director at 2K Sports, now talked about how Simmons is always bringing up his rating when they meet (the two are good friends).

The last time Singh and Simmons went to a party, the rookie of the year frontrunner told him that he thinks he should be a 98 overall in NBA 2K.


“He [Ben Simmons] comes up to me like ‘Ronnie; Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Ben Simmons’… and I was like ‘WHAT?’. So obviously, he’s had the most triple doubles at this stage of his career outside of those two guys, and that’s why he was on me about it. He was like ‘If I’m getting triple doubles, and you have them as a 98 in the game, I should be a 98 in the game’. I was like ‘alright Ben, maybe one of these days…”


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