Max Strus Calls Paris Trip A ‘Warm Welcome’, Shows Appreciation To European Fans


Max Strus’ journey from undrafted free agent to key contributor in the NBA is an inspiring tale of perseverance and talent. In his first season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Strus has established himself as a valuable asset, showcasing his sharpshooting abilities.

Through 36 games of the season, Strus is averaging a career high 13.8 points, and 3.9 assists for the Cavaliers, and has become a key player in their rotation, in what has been an injury riddled season for the Cavaliers.

As Strus continues to develop his game and grow as a player, his work ethic and dedication has always been among the best within the NBA.

With the Cavaliers playing the Brooklyn Nets in Paris, Strus will play his first game outside of the US, later today. OpenCourt-Basketball’s Len Werle asked Strus about the game, and it being played on a very large scale, in terms of build up, media present and team events, Strus said it’s a warm welcome, while adding that he appreciates the European fans and media:


“It’s a warm welcome for sure. We understand playing this game is a huge moment for the NBA, and for Paris, and for France. We understood that coming here, and we’re more than willing to do all these things, because we know how much it means to you guys and Paris as a whole. So, we’re here, we’re accepting it, we appreciate you guys.”


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