LeBron James On His Final Shot Against The Timberwolves: “It’s Obvious A 3, Stevie Wonder Can See That”


LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers often find themselves at the center of drama and controversy, and their recent game against the Minnesota Timberwolves was no exception, ending with a dispute.

The game was exciting right up to the last few seconds, particularly when LeBron seemed to hit a three-pointer that could have tied the game with under 3 seconds left on the clock. However, the referees ruled it as a two-point shot, dashing the Lakers’ hopes of tying the game and possibly pushing it to overtime.



LeBron openly expressed his frustration about the call, both during the game and in his postgame interview. Pointing out to images and replays suggesting his foot might have been behind the line, the 39-year-old Lakers superstar insisted that it was an obvious three-point play.


“I mean it’s obvious a 3, my foot is behind the line. You can see the space between my foot and the front of the 3-point line. … Stevie Wonder can see that champ. … Somebody over there [in Secaucus] eating a ham sandwich.”


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