Leaked Audio Of LeBron James’ Heated Exchange With Referee Tony Brothers


As we reported earlier, Saturday’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves ended with a dispute.

The game was exciting right up to the last few seconds, particularly when LeBron James seemed to hit a three-pointer that could have tied the game with under 3 seconds left on the clock. However, the referees ruled it as a two-point shot, dashing the Lakers’ hopes of tying the game and possibly pushing it to overtime.

As the ruling on the court stood, LeBron was visibly angry while trying to make his case. Audio of his heated back and forth with referee Tony Brothers has now been leaked.


LeBron: “Look, look!”

Ref: “That’s a two point field goal. That’s what the replay center ruled, not me.”

LeBron: “That’s bullish*t. Look at the f**king replay. Look at the f**king replay. Look at this sh*t!”



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