LaVar Ball Takes Shot At Lonzo For Wanting To Re-Name BBB

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LaVar Ball Takes Shot At Lonzo For Wanting To Re-Name BBB


Ever since BBB co-founder, Alan Foster, allegedly stole $1.5 million from the Ball family brand, leading to Lonzo Ball cutting ties with his father’s company, it has been awfully quite around the brand.

While LaVar Ball said that everything is good, the company hasn’t advertised merchandise since March 22. They also haven’t posted on social media in the past couple of months.

On top of that, Big Baller Brand’s official website has been ‘under construction’ to ‘be back soon’ for the better part of the past month. Are they done, or are they regrouping and collecting themselves for a relaunch?

Well it seems as they are in liquidation mode as they were selling the remaining gear at ridiculously low prices at California volleyball tournaments. Shirts that originally went for $50 were sold for $5.

On top of all that, Lonzo Ball, who no longer is the face of the brand (rumors are he’s signing with Nike), has reportedly sold Big Baller Brand’s distribution warehouse in Los Angeles, per a report by the LA Times. The 14,635-square-foot building apparently sold for $4.3 million. Lonzo also had his BBB tattoo removed.

Now, in the latest episode of the family’s reality TV show, Ball in the family, Lonzo had a heated discussion with LaVar. In a meeting for the possibly relaunching the Big Baller Brand, Lonzo asked his father if it was possible to change the name of the company for a fresh start. LaVar wasn’t too happy with the idea and took a shot at his son:


“When I come up with a name and there’s somebody telling me to change it, that’s like telling me to change your name,” LaVar told Lonzo.

“That’s like people saying, ‘Hey, change Lonzo’s name to Alfonso on the fact that he been damaged goods for the last two years.’”


In or Out?

Tina has a tough time during her first speech therapy session. Gelo moves out of the Ball mansion and in with Zo, starting his physical therapy. LaVar and Zo finally face off over Zo's involvement with BBB.

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