Jamal Crawford On Why Kawhi Leonard Only Follows Him

Photo Credit: EPA

Jamal Crawford On Why Kawhi Leonard Only Follows Him


When you go on Twitter and check out Kawhi Leonard’s page, you can see that the only person the reigning Finals MVP is following, is Jamal Crawford.

Yes, Crawford is an NBA legend, one of the flashiest players ever and one of the best 6th men in NBA history, but Crawford and Leonard never were teammates, or known to be good friends.

In his sit-down interview with ‘Kids Take Over’, Crawford was asked why he’s thinks Kawhi is only following him, and revealed his reasoning:


“People have asked me that before. Personally, I haven’t asked Kawhi about this, but I think what it is is, before everybody knew Kawhi Leonard, I had seen him when he was just a rookie… I saw that he was going to be a star. To be honest, I can’t even say it was to this level, I just knew he’d be a star. I love how he played, I loved his game and so I think he remembered that I thought about him and liked his game before everybody else.”


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