Kwame Brown Rips Ja Morant Over Recent Gun Incident: “You Gotta Be The Dumbest Motherf*cker In The League”

Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images


Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant is facing backlash again after he was caught flashing a gun in another Instagram Live video while riding a car with some friends this weekend. The latest video comes two months after Morant was first seen showing off a gun inside a strip club at Colorado.

The Grizzlies have already suspended the 23-year old point guard from all team activities as the NBA investigates the latest social media video. NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski also reported that Morant could face a lengthy suspension to start the next season.

As Morant continues to be in hot water, former No.1 overall pick Kwame Brown decided to weigh on the issue, and he did not hold back one bit as he took direct shots at the controversial Grizzlies star.


“So, Ja Morant, you like to play with guns, huh? You like to play with guns, huh boy? You like to play with guns… Instead of you just being at your house buying all the guns you want, playing with all the guns you want off camera, you want to get in trouble for having a gun at a club, give a bullsh-t apology and show a gun on Instagram Live. I’ve heard of NBA Youngboy but you NBA dumb boy. You gotta be the dumbest motherf-cker in the league,” 


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