18 Years Ago Today, Kobe Bryant Outscored The Entire Dallas Mavericks


December 20, 2005 was one of these special, magical nights in the NBA, and one of the greatest games of Kobe Bryant’s amazing career.

On that night, Kobe Bryant scored 62 points against the Dallas Mavericks. He scored 15 points in the first quarter, 17 in the second and then a franchise-record 30 in the third and was just unguardable, shooting 18-of-31 from the field and an impressive 22-of-25 from the free throw line.

What makes it even more special is the fact that he only played three quarters. Even crazier is the fact that the entire Dallas Mavericks, who at that time were anything but an easy opponent, only scored 61 points throughout the three quarters Kobe played.

This game came after a disappointing loss to the Rockets and Bryant was still angry about it going into the game:


“I was very angry, I felt like I wanted to come out and send a message, that we’re going to dominate at home. We’re going to hit you, we’re going to bring it to you. I wanted to send that message .I just felt like I could continue to attack these guys. It was just determination, take it to them. It’s definitely the best scoring game I’ve ever had.”


Later that season, he went for 81…


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