Mike Dunleavy Jr. Hints At Possible Roster Changes For The Golden State Warriors Ahead Of The February Trade Deadline


The Golden State Warriors, known for having a winning culture and being a dominant team, are experiencing a downturn this season. Struggling to secure victories, they currently stand as the 11th seed in the Western Conference with a 13-14 record.

Many still have faith in the team’s current lineup, but there’s growing speculation about potential trades, especially considering the slow start to the season by key players like Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins.

Warriors executive Mike Dunleavy Jr. recently spoke about these roster rumors. In a recent interview, Dunleavy expressed his belief that the current team has the potential to win a championship. However, he also implied that he’s not closing the door on the possibility of making trades to improve the team.

Per The Athletic:


“Yeah, I do; I do believe this whole roster does, as the way it was designed,” Dunleavy said when asked if he thinks the roster has championship pedigree. “We certainly believed that, whatever it was, eight weeks ago, when we started the season. 

Some things haven’t broken our way. But these things change quickly. We get everybody rowing in the right direction, I think it’s doable. But hey, six weeks from now, the (Feb. 8) trade deadline, maybe something comes up that makes more sense and we do something. But this is a group that the core guys have been there are capable of doing it.”

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