Kawhi Leonard Hid From Spurs Officials When They Visited Him In New York

Photo Credit: NBAE via Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard Hid From Spurs Officials When They Visited Him In New York


The Kawhi Leonard and San Antonio Spurs saga definitely is one of the weirdest NBA stories in recent history. That is why there has been a lot of buzz around Kawhi this season, for a lot of reasons. His stellar play, we’ve gotten used to, wasn’t part of it though.

Even though he was medically cleared, Leonard still chose to be out and went weeks without communicating with the team. In the playoffs, while other injured stars were attending their team’s games, supporting them from the sidelines, Leonard was nowhere to be seen. Then, after the season, Kawhi asked for a trade.

The situation is irreversible and the relationship between Leonard and the Spurs irreparable. During a recent episode of the Back to Back podcast, ESPN’s Michael C. Wright told an unbelievable story about how Leonard’s people tried to literally hide him from the Spurs:


“The Spurs were in the dark most of the season. Like dude, some of the things that were happening was crazy. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’m gonna say it because Kawhi is about to be outta there. There was a point during his rehab process in New York that some of the Spurs brass went out to see him in New York. As soon as those guys arrived to the building, Kawhi’s people grabbed him and sequestered him to another part of the building. And so the Spurs’ people couldn’t even see him. These are the types of things that are going on that people don’t necessarily know about.”


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