Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Reveals Sad Truth About Relationship With LeBron James

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images


Earlier this year, LeBron James broke the NBA’s all-time scoring record, that Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had been holding since 1984. In the third quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday, LeBron went for a tough fadeaway shot that went in – good for career points 38,387 and 38,388.

James’ predecessor, Abdul-Jabbar, has often criticized him for different things, such as LeBron’s stance on the Covid-19 vaccine an as well as his silence when it comes to criticizing China for its wrongdoings.

This is why it came as a surprise to many that Abdul-Jabbar was in attendance at Crypto.com Arena, and part of the celebrations, when LeBron James broke his all-time record. The two would even embrace, but it certainly looked a bit awkward for the people watching. James previously even said himself that he and Kareem Adbul-Jabbar have no relationship. 

Abdul-Jabbar recently addressed his tricky relationship with LeBron, while saying the two basically have no relationship. Per Los Angeles Times:


“I’ve never had a chance to talk to LeBron other than two or three minutes. There’s no animosity or resentment there at all. He’s done remarkable things. He deserves all the accolades, whatever it is, that he’s accomplished.

We might get the chance [to speak]. I certainly wouldn’t be against it. As far as where his heart is and the things that he does, I’ve got nothing but admiration for him.”


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