Ja Morant’s Camp Insists The Gun In Latest Video Was A Toy

Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images


Last month, the Memphis Grizzlies star was once again seen holding a gun in an Instagram Live video, which led to the NBA launching another investigation, and to the Grizzlies suspending Morant from all team activities.

In his press conference before the start of the 2023 NBA Finals, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced that the league has found additional information, while saying that the NBA is waiting to release any details or a potential punishment until after the NBA Finals are over.

Now, on a recent episode of The Breakfast Club, Claudia Jordan, by citing sources, revealed that Morant’s representatives are insisting the All-Star was holding a toy gun in the latest ‘viral video’.


“My sources say that the relative in the car in the back seat had a toy gun in the car. The gun is not real, and [the relative] was playing around with it. Passed it to Ja, and that got caught on the live he had in his hand. The video was sent to Adam Silver, NBA allegedly.

They have it, and they said the gun looks extremely fake, like it’s obviously a toy gun. But according to my source, allegedly, Adam Silver is still gonna go through with the suspension. Looking like it should be about 30 games even though they know it as a toy gun.”


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