JR Smith And Kevin Love Have A Special Relationship

Photo Credit: FOX Sports

JR Smith And Kevin Love Have A Special Relationship


Did you know that Kevin Love and JR Smith are very close friends?

Cleveland Cavaliers big man Kevin Love turned 29 yesterday, and his teamamte JR Smith posted a heartfelt video, congratulating his friend.

I did not know that the two were so close, but this is a very unusual message from JR, who normally does not post longer videos like that. JR said:


“Aye yo, shoutout to man my K Love, dawg. My brother from another mother, my little big brother — happy birthday, kid. Enjoy it. You deserve it. So much I could say about you, how much you’ve evolved as a person and a player since we first joined up in Cleveland. Man, you’re an unbelievable dude. Unbelievable. Everything, all your success and everything, you deserve it. You work hard for it. Little shoutout to that Banana Republic deal. Enjoy your day, dawg. Love you, man. I’m on my way to the gym to get better for us and the team, so I know you gonna be doing the same. Love you, kid. Enjoy your day.”


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