Gilbert Arenas Once Got Banned From A Local Fair After Cleaning Hoops Game Out Of Prizes


When you hear the name ‘Gilbert Arenas’ most of you probably think of the gun inciedent, but Gilbert Arenas was much more than that.

He was an elite NBA player, one of the best and most talented guards of our time. He was a three time All-Star and member of three All NBA Teams. In his second year in the league, Agent 0 won the MIP Award. In his prime years from 2003-2007, he was a matchup nightmare.

In 2015, Agent Zero turned out to be a matchup nightmare for a local fair. While visiting the Orange County Fair with his kids, Arenas ended up winning the hoops game 15 consecutive times, scoring a whole lot of oversized stuffed animals in the process. He won so many of these prizes, that he eventually was banned from playing the game.


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