Jordan Poole Hilariously Fires Back At Fan Who Complained About Losing A Bet Because Of Him

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Jordan Poole Hilariously Fires Back At Fan Who Complained About Losing A Bet Because Of Him


The Golden State Warriors were on the verge of victory during their Wednesday’s contest against the Utah Jazz. But with roughly six seconds on the shot clock, Jordan Poole turned the ball over which led up to a dunk by Jazz forward Simone Fontecchio to help his team take a one-point lead.

The Warriors failed to set up a final possession and ended up losing the game to a score of 123-124. Poole led both teams in scoring with 36 points to go along with 4 rebounds and 8 assists, but his missed free throw and crucial turnover in the clutch certainly costed them the game.

In the aftermath of the game, a fan, who lost a bet because of the Warriors’ loss, was furious and decided to go off at Jordan Poole by messaging him on Instagram. The fan complained that he could’ve got a bag if not for Poole’s costly blunders in the clutch.


“I stg mr poole i could’ve won a bag tonight but nah you gotta fucking stripped at the end of the game to sell my god damn ticket. Scored all those points just to miss a clutch free throw and turn the fucking ball over at the end of the game. U are the least clutch mother fucker i’ve ever seen. I still can barely process how sorry yo dumbass is. I cant fucking believe it. The baddies weren’t in the crowd were they. Cuz that’s the only time u are any use to anybody.”


Most NBA players including Poole don’t normally respond to negative stuff posted or sent up by fans. But Poole seemingly took exception this time as he responded back to the fan and roasted him over his football profile.


“Lmaooo my boy, u have no stats u need to worry about getting playing time on the field,” Poole told the fan while showing his football stats. “And u wear number 41 lmao u don’t even get to pick your number… scram.” 


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