Jonathon Simmons Had To Be Rescued From Flooding By Rapper Trae Tha Truth

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Jonathon Simmons Had To Be Rescued From Flooding By Rapper Trae Tha Truth


The whole nation, including the NBA family, has been extremely helpful and generous after the horrifying flooding in Houston that was caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Among others, Stephen Curry took on a three point challenge and ended up donating $118K for hurricane Harvey victims, Rockets owner Leslie Alexander donated $10 million, and Gerald Green personally went to Houston to help people and bring them to safety.

Former Spurs player an Texas resident Jonathon Simmons, who just signed a three-year, $20 million deal with the Magic this summer, had to leave his appartment with his family, seeking shelter at a friend’s house in the suburbs.

They took in a lot of people, and lived with over 20 strangers. Unfortunately, they ran out of food and Simmons said that he wanted all the kids to eat first, leaving him with only one pack of ramen for two days.

Thankfully, Houston-based rapper Trae Tha Truth, who has been out with his boat rescuing people the whole last week, arrived and helped.

Simmons told his story to


“Saturday night it started raining about 8 o’clock, but we had gotten over there about 3 o’clock just to be safe. I had bought all of these air mattresses and covers and blankets and food and water for everybody. We were good for three days, but my other friend’s house had started getting flooded early, so he came there to the house, too. So that gave us another 11 extra people and most of them were kids. We had to let the kids eat first, so most of the last two days it was kind of rough (without food).”

There was at least 20 people in the house and probably eight of them were kids. When I was little, my mom always kept the fridge full of stuff (during hurricanes). This time, I ate a pack of ramen noodles and that’s all for like a day-and-a-half.

Trae Tha Truth, the rapper, is from Houston and we know a mutual friend from San Antonio. They brought a boat to Houston because (Trae) had to evacuate as well,” Simmons said of the rapper, who has gained additional notoriety recently in Houston for helping dozens of others evacuate flooded areas. “They came and got (Trae) and then he came and got us right away. Luckily, I had a friend in the area who could help us out.

We still had to ride a boat, walk through muddy water and ride on the back of a dumpster truck for like five miles. It was crazy,” Simmons recalled. “I had to hold up my people and I had some kids with me. Most of the kids were old enough to walk, but one of them I had to carry with me.”


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