Kyrie Irving’s Heartfelt Goodbye Message To Cleveland

Photo Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving’s Heartfelt Goodbye Message To Cleveland


After the trade that will send Kyrie Irving to the Boston Cetlics was (finally) finalized, Irving recorded a video message to all the Cavs fans.

In the video, an emotional Kyrie thanks everyone in the Cavaliers organisation, as well as the fans. The bottom line is that he just wants to be happy.


“It’s hard to make videos like this because you understand the magnitude of decisions that you make in your life can affect a lot of people all at once. And when you get to that point and you understand that the best intentions for you and to be in your truth and find out what you really want to do in your life and how you accomplish it. That moment comes and you take full advantage of it and there are no other ulterior reasons other than being happy and wanting to be somewhere where you feel like it’s an environment that’s conducive for you maximizing your potential as a human being, and as a player perfecting their craft.”

“I spent part of my life and my years in the NBA in such a great environment in Cleveland, I still can’t believe just the feats that we reached in a 6-year span and I’m truly grateful and I’m thankful.” (Transcript via USA TODAY’s FTW)


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