Isiah Thomas Says Michael Jordan Is A Great Asshole To Everybody 

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Isiah Thomas Says Michael Jordan Is A Great Asshole To Everybody 


Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas experienced a ruthless competition against Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during the late 1980s and 1990s, when the Pistons eliminated the Bulls from the playoffs for three straight years (1988, 1989, and 1990).

The Bad Boys Pistons were an obstacle that Jordan couldn’t clear at first. The heated matchups between Isiah and Jordan eventually formed a bitter atmosphere between the two, that still lasts today.

Their rivalry peaked when the Bulls finally got the upper hand in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals and Isiah Thomas and his teammates left the court before time expired, without a handshake or any congratulating gesture.

A year later, Jordan then helped Magic Johnson and other teammates to keep Isiah Thomas off the 1992 Dream Team, after Thomas had feuds with many players.

Ever since back then, Thomas has been collecting numerous salty statements towards Jordan, and recently, he once again doubled down on a previous statement of his by saying that LeBron James and Kareem-Abdul Jabbar are the greatest basketball players of all-time.

Thomas now revealed a lot of things about his relationship with Michael Jordan in his appearance on ‘The Pivot Podcast’, while labeling Jordan as an asshole. Zeke went on to explain how he made it real safe for Jordan to walk the streets of the West side of Chicago.


“Now, this is real talk; go back and document it. You can go back on the west side of Chicago; I ain’t talking bout Michigan Avenue, where they used to kick me off for shining shoes. … They kicked me outta there. On the west side of Chicago, that’s where I’m from, OK? … When Michael Jordan got to Chicago, I made it real easy for him to walk those streets on the west side of Chicago. My family took care of him. My sister and his brother hung out as friends. My little nephew lived with Michael Jordan. … I’m being extremely good to this dude. I’m calling his house during this period of time. So all this, ‘Isiah was an asshole,’ no, no, no, dude, I was looking out for you…

…Here’s why I was upset of watching a documentary of a guy being an asshole to everybody, but then call me an a*****e and I have been nothing but nice to this guy. That is real talk.”


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