Gilbert Arenas Destroys Oak Hill Academy For Not Wanting To Play LaMelo Ball

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Gilbert Arenas Destroys Oak Hill Academy For Not Wanting To Play LaMelo Ball


Two weeks ago, it was revealed that LaMelo Ball will return to High School for his senior year! He will complete his senior year at #10 ranked Spire Prep Academy in Geneva, Ohio.

Melo had spent the past year competing in the JBA as a professional, but the Ball family contended that LaMelo wasn’t compensated. Other schools are not sure about that statement and are hesitant of playing against LaMelo. One of them being Oak Hill, who cancelled their December 3 contest against Spire. According to head coach Steve Smith, Oak Hill’s eligibility in the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association would be jeopardized by playing against Ball.


“I just told them, ‘We can’t jeopardize our school and our association and our affiliation with conferences. They understood. I said we can play them if doesn’t play, but they weren’t willing to do that.”


While the reasoning seems pretty logical, former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas isn’t a friend of Oak Hill’s decision. He even went on one of his famous NSFW rants on Instagram and insulted the school. He has some valid points though, as some prep schools indeed have hold backs for seniors in order to make their program better.


“Oak hill academy ‘YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT?? Someone needs to slap the shit out this whole program for this boycott….you guys are a PREP school which means u have 6 year seniors ‘hold backs/triple OG hold backs’ on the team most of your seniors are (20/21) u mutha fuckas should be a G league team for real for real and y’all complaining about a 17 year old (senior) becuz he played overseas REALLY?? U got players on ur team that should be juniors in college #deadass if someone pulled Birth certificates on (oak hill ) they would have the oldest teams year by year in high school basketball so SHHHH TheFUCKup and get that 50 piece put on y’all”

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