Steve Kerr Says He Kicked Michael Jordan’s Ass

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Steve Kerr Says He Kicked Michael Jordan’s Ass


On Monday night, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green had an altercation. Durant was confronting Green about not passing the ball to him in the final possession of regulation. Green responded by bringing up Durant’s impending free agency, while calling him a bitch.

This led to a one-game suspension for Green, also because he didn’t stop going at Durant in the locker room after the game. The Warriors made public that they’ll handle the situation internally and Steve Kerr chose to bring some humor into the situation. When asked whether his famous altercation with Michael Jordan helped him handle situations like this, he responded:


“When you play at a really high level and you’re competitive, things happen. Every team that I’ve ever been on, things happen. By the way, I kicked MJ’s ass.”

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