Former NBA Player Thinks Austin Reaves Is Overhyped Because He’s ‘White’ And The Lakers Are ‘Trash’

Photo Credit: Justin Ford/Getty Images


Austin Reaves just continues to be a bright spot for the Los Angeles Lakers. Over his last five games, the young Lakers guard is averaging 22.2 points, 5.0 rebounds and 7.0 assists per game on 50.0% shooting from the field and 86.0% from the charity stripe. 

He has been through the roof lately and has definitely wowed plenty of fans around the league. In fact, it is already expected that Reaves would find his paycheck a little heftier this offseason given his improved level of play.

That being said, it seems that former NBA player Rashad McCants is not all impressed with the Lakers sophomore. During his appearance on “Gil’s Arena”, McCants suggested that people are only raving about Reaves because he’s ‘white and the Lakers are ‘trash’.


“I ain’t apologizing I was cussing y’all out last night. ‘What? Stop it! Austin what? $50 million?’ At four (years) [for] 25 [million] he’s stealing. I’d give him two for seven [million]. Nate ended up doing a one-year two mil, three year, like I look back at those players got cheated from certain contracts.”

“I’m like Austin Reaves…y’all giving [50 million] to him ’cause one he white and one he playing with the Lakers and they trash,” said McCants. “So it’s like, if the Lakers ain’t trash, he ain’t playin’.”


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