Eric Bledsoe’s Team Disqualified For Fixing Playoff Games in China, Video Footage Is Insane

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Chinese Basketball is facing a huge scandal. Chinese Basketball Association’s Shanghai Sharks and Jiangsu Dragons, were thrown out of the playoffs for match-fixing.

The Sharks, who roster several NBA-experienced players in Eric Bledsoe, Michael Beasley, Johnny O’Bryant, and Jamaal Franklin, and the Dragons with Antonio Blakeney were convicted after an investigation from the CBA’s Disciplinary and Ethics Commission.

The Sharks apparently gave up during Game 2 of their best-of-three series, to force a third game, in order for Eric Bledsoe, who was serving a four-game suspension, to return for the second game of his team’s upcoming semifinals.

In said Game 3, the Dragons, who were convicted to be involved in the scandal, purposely lost in the final minutes of the game, as you can easily see upon watching the following footage.


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