Dwyane Wade On Why Allen Iverson Will Present Him Into HoF & Epic A.I. Casino Story From Wade’s Rookie Year


Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson is considered to be one of the most groundbreaking players in NBA history.

His skills, unique style, and devastating crossover–to go with his 6’0” frame–put him in the same breath with some of the all-time greats. Iverson went toe-to-toe with many of them, and never backed down from a fight.

This is also part of the reason why Dwyane Wade, who will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on August 11 and 12, has chosen to be presented into the Hall of Fame by Iverson.

Per andscape:


“Allen Iverson is somebody who gets forgotten for what he means to this game and what he means to a community and to a culture. And so, I want to bring that back to the front in the forefront and give him his flowers like he deserved.”


Since Iverson was one of Wade’s idols, and even one of the reasons why Wade chose #3 as his jersey number, we need to throw it back to Wade’s epic story about meeting Iverson for the first time, when he still was a rookie.

It was at a casino in Puerto Rico, and Iverson even threw a $1,000 chip to Wade, for him to gamble too.


“So I go with Eddie Jones, and he knew Allen Iverson was one of my favorite players, so he wanted to introduce me. And he introduced me to Iverson right there when they were gambling, so Iverson’s gambling and I’m standing there the whole time. And he threw me a $1,000 chip and was like, ‘Yo, go play this, young fella.’ So I played $500, and I put the other $500 in my pocket, because I didn’t have money like that at the time.”


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