Doc Rivers On The GOAT Debate: “Bron’s Gonna Have The Greatest Career Ever” 


The GOAT debate remains as heated as ever, with LeBron James aging like fine wine and continuing to dominate the NBA as if he’s not a 39-year-old player. Currently, it’s widely acknowledged that the battle for the top spot is between him and Michael Jordan.

Jordan is still the favorite for many, thanks to his undefeated record in the NBA Finals, his 10 scoring titles, and the Defensive Player of the Year award, among other accolades. Yet, there’s a growing view that LeBron could surpass Jordan when all is said and done.

The same sentiment is shared by veteran NBA head coach Doc Rivers. Although he admits that he’s a fan of Jordan, he believes LeBron is on track to have the greatest career ever. 


“I hate the GOAT debate, I’m a Michael [Jordan] guy. But that doesn’t mean anything bad about LeBron [James] . Bron’s gonna have the greatest career ever.”


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