DeMarcus Cousins: Joining Golden State Was The Best Basketball Decision I’ve Ever Made

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DeMarcus Cousins: Joining Golden State Was The Best Basketball Decision I’ve Ever Made


Last month, DeMarcus Cousins shocked the world when he signed a one-year, $5.3 million deal with the back-to-back Champions, the Golden State Warriors.

Just when we thought the West was about to become competitive again, after LeBron signed with the Lakers, another All-Star joined the Dubs. When Cousins returns from his injury, Golden State will have a starting five, solely consisting out of All-Stars.

Fans and players alike couldn’t believe what they were reading. Most were mad at DeMarcus Cousins for ruining the league. But Cousins doesn’t seem to worry about all the hate he’s been getting. In the trailer for an upcoming Cousins documentary by Showtime Sports, Cousins let the world know that he doesn’t give a f**k about what you think:


“I knew how it would be perceived from some. I don’t give a f**k. I’m saying it now that I’ve seen the reaction that I didn’t give a f**k. I knew what my ace was and we made the call.

“There’s some motherf*****s out there that’s probably ripping their hair out right now, and I love it. It’s just another test for me to overcome. I’ve been through so much adversity, if I sat there and dwelled on those moments, where the f**k would I be right now? I don’t need anybody feeling sorry for me. I’m a fighter, I never give up, and I’m taking this challenge head on.”



Cousins now wrote a letter in The Players’ Tribune. explaining his move to the Warriors, while calling it the best basketball decision he’s ever made:


“Yeah, I am a Warrior now,” wrote DeMarcus Cousins in a personal letter in . “It was the best basketball decision I ever made, and I’ll tell you why….

Then free agency hit. It was a lot of, We might be interested. We don’t know if it’s the right fit. All of a sudden, I wasn’t hearing from the Pelicans. I wasn’t hearing from no one. That was tough. We in a nasty business, at times. I don’t even say that in a good or bad way. It’s just no place to get too emotional. The facts are still the same. I was expecting to be back in New Orleans, and I was proud of what we were starting there.

I couldn’t sleep for two days. When it was clear I couldn’t stay in New Orleans, I went out and created what would end up being the best opportunity for myself. I asked my agent to set up a call with the Warriors. I knew they could use a big.

I called Bob Myers up.

On God, Bob thought it was a prank. He asked us like five times if we were being serious. I broke it down as clear as I could. I told him about the Pelicans and how nothing was making sense anymore. I told him it was like other teams were treating me like I didn’t have a career left after the injury.

And I said I’d take the minimum. I just wanted a team that wanted me. I was telling him: I wanted to play on the biggest stage and make the most impact I could. After that, Bob wasn’t thinking it was a prank.”

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