De’Aaron Fox Rips In-N-Out For Its ‘Overrated Burgers’

Photo Credit: Rocky Widner/Getty Images

De’Aaron Fox Rips In-N-Out For Its ‘Overrated Burgers’


Everyone who doesn’t live in In-N-Out territory probably has a friend from California (or other In-N-Out States) who is overhyping the fast food chain, and claims that they have the best burgers in the world. Sacramento Kings rookie De’Aaron Fox grew up in Louisiana, and didn’t have In-N-Out growing up.

Living in California now, and having tried the burgers, Fox recently destroyed the hype and called the burgers overrated. In an interview with The Rolling Stone, he explained himself:

I heard you’re really into breakfast food. Have you found your favorite brunch spot in Sacramento yet?

Yeah, but I can’t tell you because then people are going to meet me there. All I gotta say, you can tell everybody that lives in the state of California this: In-N-Out is not good.

What’s your beef with In-N-Out Burger?
Their burgers are overrated. They’re OK.

Even Animal Style?
Yes. People always say, you haven’t tried this. You haven’t tried that. I’m like, “Yeah, I looked up the secret menu. I’ve tried it all. It’s just not good.”


I actually agree with him. The burgers are not bad, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t live up to the hype.

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