Kevin Love On If LeBron Will Be Picking Kyrie Irving For His All-Star Team

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Kevin Love On If LeBron Will Be Picking Kyrie Irving For His All-Star Team


You have probably heard about the new All-Star Game format. The times when the East was playing the West are gone.

From now on, two captains (the All-Star starter who will reveive the most fan votes in his respective conference) will draft the All-Star teams from the pool of players voted as starters and reserves, no matter what conference the player is from.

Just like in recent years, LeBron James is the absolute favorite when it comes to getting the most fan votes. This leads to a very interesting question. Will LeBron James pick Kyrie Irving for his team?

Kevin Love was asked this question by, and whether LeBron was more likely to choose Stephen Curry.


“Ooh. It depends on how far, I guess, how far he’s picked,” Love said with a smile when asked if James would pick Curry or Irving. “You know he’s going to pick … we talked about peanut butter and jelly this week and maybe the banana boat guys, so, we’ll see what happens. I know that he’ll have some fun with it. If he wants to, he has a future in this league of being on that side of basketball operations and I’d imagine he would put together a hell of a team. So, it just depends. If we need shooting, both (Curry and Irving) are there. If we need ball handling, distributing, both guys are there. That’s tough. That’s a tossup.”


For personal rivalries and feuds (also Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook e.g.) this new format is amazing. Can’t wait to watch the captains draft their players.

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