Danny Ainge And Michael Jordan Went Golfing During Their Playoff Series Against Each Other

Photo Credit: NBAE via Getty Images


Today is Danny Ainge’s birthday – time to throw it back to this gem. When Danny Ainge still was an active NBA player, he never met privately or did anything with an opposing player.

Since exceptions prove the rule, Ainge once met with Michael Jordan to play golf during off days of their playoff series against each other in 1986, that’s what he revealed when talking to Brian Scalabrine:


“This is the only time ever in my entire career that I had dinner, lunch did anything with an opponent  throughout my whole career, especially in the playoffs. But with Michael, Michael loved golf and I loved golf and he reached out and wanted to know where he could find a golf course and maybe get on a golf course to play in Boston on their two off days. So, I think we arranged to play 36 at Framingham Country Club.”



While we don’t know who won on the green, we know that Ainge’s Celtics swept Jordan’s Bulls off the hardwood, and went on to win the NBA Championship.

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