Dan LeBatard Accuses Adrian Wojnarowski Of Being Bought And Paid By Blazers To Spread False Trade Info

Photo Credit: Soobum Im – USA TODAY Sports


Basketball’s breaking news guru Adrian Wojnarowski has been the first, or at least among the first, to report basically every important NBA trade, signing, draft pick or whatever other news there might be, for the better part of this past decade.

Woj, who always carries two cellphones that run on different providers in order to never miss any information that’s being passed on to him, has now been accused of spreading false stories in favor and courtesy of the Portland Trail Blazers

Wojnarowski’s former ESPN colleague Dan LeBatard claims that there haven’t been any real negotiations between the Heat and Blazers as the Heat are confident their offer is the best on the market, especially given that Damian Lillard doesn’t want to play elsewhere.


“Thank you for bringing up Woj…the Heat know that he’s just agenda-based, shilling, bought and paid for by Portland, it’s embarrassing that Woj is telling people it might be weeks or months on Lillard,” he said.

“This is the Heat’s position, there are no calls going back and forth. The offer is Herro and Herro is the best one you’re going to get from anybody, he’s better than Maxey, he’s the best you’re going to get, you’re boxed in, Lillard wants to be with us, this is the offer.”


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