Charles Barkley’s Hilarious Story About Hotel Soap Had Shaquille O’Neal In Tears

Photo Credit: Joe Murphy/Getty Images


Charles Barkley was one of the most entertaining players in NBA history – on and off the court. Thankfully this hasn’t changed for his second career in broadcasting. Chuck is well-known for his unspoken personality. As such, Barkley often makes controversial hot takes and plenty of head-turning opinions.

Barkley sure turned heads during the most recent episode of ‘The Steam Room’, when he told an absolutely hilarious about why he’s always bringing his own soap when he travels. The entire conversation with Ernie Johnson led to Shaquille O’Neal being in tears:


Charles Barkley: You know I travel with my own soap? You knew that didn’t you?

Ernie Johnson: No.

Barkley: I travel with a big bar of soap. I love soap.

Johnson: Why, are you afraid it’s not gonna be in the hotel?

Barkley: These hotels started being cheap. Those bars ain’t big enough. Because I almost had a couple of accidents with the soap in hotels.

Johnson: In what way?

Barkley: Well, when I was washing a part of my body, I almost had a little incident.

Johnson: What the heck are you talking about?

Barkley: I almost had a little incident with those little bars of soap.

Johnson: Almost lose it?

Barkley: I almost lost it and I was like, ‘WHOA, that was too close for comfort.’ So now I travel with my own big bars of soap.


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