Bill Walton Seriously Claims George Lucas Based Chewbacca Off Of Him

Photo: Getty/Disney


NBA legend Bill Walton not only is among the best and most dominant bigs in league history, he also is still loved by NBA fans for his hippie-being, spirituality and general weirdness.

Walton also is highly entertaining when calling games as color-commentator and has always been one of the funniest people in the NBA.

This was no different during the broadcast of Oregon against USC, when his play-by-play partner Dave Pasch asked him to take a trip back in time.

USC definitely has many famous alumni, with one of the most famous turning out to be the center of discussion – Star Wars creator, and filmmaker George Lucas.

Pasch asked Walton if he could confirm a rumor he heard about the film, leading to Walton confirming that Lucas modeled famous and beloved Star Wars character Chewbacca after him.


“No. I heard that. Chewbacca is modeled after me…

George Lucas is as cool as they get and I remember the night that George and Kareem and Bill Russell and me, we were all up in San Francisco at a big fundraiser for the Martin Luther King memorial.

I auditioned for Chewbacca and they said no but we’re going to model the character after you.”


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