Nick Young Says Stephen Curry Almost Cried In Locker Room Due To Being On Verge Of Losing Finals MVP To Kevin Durant


In basketball, the pursuit of personal accolades can sometimes be as intense as the quest for team success. This was vividly illustrated in a recent revelation by former Golden State Warrior, Nick Young, who shared an intimate glimpse into the emotional world of NBA superstar Stephen Curry.

According to Young, Curry was “damn near tears” as the realization set in that he might lose the coveted NBA Finals MVP award to teammate Kevin Durant. The 2018 NBA Finals saw the Warriors’ duo in a neck-and-neck race for the MVP title, with Curry experiencing a pivotal rough game that swung the odds in Durant’s favor.



The Warriors found themselves at an emotional crossroads as Curry grappled with his performance. Despite the team’s victory, Curry’s head was down in the locker room, overshadowed by the personal battle for the Finals MVP.

This moment of vulnerability for Curry, as described by Young, highlights the immense pressure athletes face and the personal investment they have in their achievements. Curry, who later won the NBA Finals MVP in 2022, had to wait for his moment to shine solo in the spotlight, proving that perseverance is key in the journey to greatness.

The incident also sheds light on the dynamics between Curry and Durant during their time together on the Warriors. While their partnership was marked by dominance on the court, it was not without its emotional complexities. Durant’s departure from the team a year later added another layer to their storied run.

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