Attractive Blonde Fan Shoots Her Shot With Steven Adams During Grizzlies Game

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Attractive Blonde Fan Shoots Her Shot With Steven Adams During Grizzlies Game


Memphis Grizzlies center Steven Adams is a great basketball player for a number of reasons. One of the most obvious is his size and strength. He is a physical force on the court, able to hold his own against some of the biggest and strongest players in the league. This allows him to excel as a rim protector and rebounder, consistently ranking among the league leaders in both categories.

Another reason Adams is a great player is his versatility. Despite being a traditional center, he is able to do more than just score in the post. He has a solid mid-range jumper and is a good passer, which makes him a valuable asset on offense. He is also an excellent pick-and-roll player, able to roll to the basket and finish with authority or pop out for a jump shot. This versatility makes him difficult to defend and a valuable piece of any team’s offense.

Adams is also a great team player, always putting the needs of the team above his own. He is known for being a selfless player who is willing to do the dirty work, setting screens, diving for loose balls, and doing whatever else is needed to help his team win. His unselfish play and willingness to do whatever it takes to help his team succeed make him a valuable asset to any team.

The big man’s unselfishness and importance to the team hasn’t gone unnoticed, as he’s clearly on of the fan favorites in the entire NBA. 

At his most recent game, one female fan tried to shoot her shot with Adams, as the blonde fan as held up an interesting poster for him.


“Hey Steven meet me under the mistletoe”


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