Watch Fan Sneak Courtside To Every Warriors Home Game In 2019

Photo Credit: Len Werle/OpenCourt-Basketball

Watch Fan Sneak Courtside To Every Warriors Home Game In 2019


What’s wrong with kids these days? They commit a felony, document it and even upload it on the internet?

Well, since it is very entertaining for us, let them at least get that clout, before ending up in jail.

Trevor Laub, a Youtuber from California, put up a video on his Youtube showing him sneaking courtside into every Golden State Warriors game at Oracle in 2019. He used a photo editing program to create the tickets that got him in. He captioned his video with following words:


“Hope you guys enjoy this video and it gives you some ideas on how you can finesse the system in your hometown so you can get great seats for cheap! I was doing this method all season, but i didn’t start documenting what i was doing until February so thats where this video starts. I sat courtside at 29 games this season and went to 32 games overall. Joe Lacob & Peter Guber, if you’re reading this, it’s too late as drake would say, thanks for the seats and see you next season! ALSO big shout out to the REAL MVP the rich mf’er who had season tickets to the 2 seats i sat in every game and only showed up to like 4 games the entire season I APPRECIATE YOU! Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions about the whole process of how i did this and if you use my method follow me on social media and let me know! BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE VIDEO OF ME SNEAKING INTO THE NBA PLAYOFFS COMING VERY SOON.”


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