A Holiday Surprise For Chris Silva

Photo Credit: NBAE via Getty Images

A Holiday Surprise For Chris Silva


This is what it’s all about!

In 2012, when Miami Heat rookie Chris Silva was 16 years old, he took four different airplane flights to reach New York City from his home country of Gabon.

Without ever playing organized basketball before, and without speaking English, he drew interest from Roselle Catholic High School assistant basketball coach Tommy Sacks.


“Coach, I go to NBA.” Sacks later commented, “His ceiling is so high, one of the highest I’ve ever seen, because all he wants to do is get better. He wants to live in the weight room. He wants to run on his own. He wants to work out. He wants to get shots up.”


Well, Silva’s statement turned out to be true. The 6’8″ forward now plays for the Miami Heat. But ever since Silva made his life-changing move to the U.S., he has seen his family only once. More so, the rookie hadn’t seen his mother in three years.

That’s why the Miami Heat and NBA commissioner Adam Silver made it happen with this emotional reunion.


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