Will Smith’s Story About Michael Jordan’s Crazy Competitiveness

Photo Credit: Jason H. Smith / Flickr Creative Commons

Will Smith’s Story About Michael Jordan’s Crazy Competitiveness


The greatest athlets always are incredibly competitive. That’s the mindset you have to have in order to become (and be) one of the greatest. We’ve heard plenty of stories about Kobe Bryant’s ‘Mamba Mentality’, or LeBron James’ competitiveness. Now, Will Smith gave us another example of the crazy competitiveness of all time greats.

Smith was guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared a story about Jordan, who makes a competition out of everything, even drinking water.


Kimmel: “What is it like to hang out socially with Michael Jordan?”

Smith: “It’s like… a competition. Let me tell you, Mike and Tiger are the two most competitive people I’ve ever met on Earth.

…. I love being around people with that kind of competitive energy, but like Michael can compete with anything, though. Like if we’re drinking water, Mike will be like ‘I’ll race you!’

… We should just drink our water, Mike.”

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But with all the competitiveness, Jordan also seems to be a bit cheap. Is being cheap also an all time great thing? We’ve heard Dwyane Wade tell numerous stories of how cheap LeBron James is, and Smith also shared that Jordan tends to be cheap.


Kimmel: “When you go to dinner with Michael Jordan, is he racing you to pick up the check?”

Smith: “Nah, yeah, he’s not good at that.”

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