Draymond Green Explains The Art Of Trash Talking

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Draymond Green Explains The Art Of Trash Talking


Golden State Warriors center JaVale McGee has a Youtube show called ‘Parking Lot Cronicles’ which is filmed in the parking lot of the Oracle Arena. In the show’s latest epiosode McGee’s teammate Draymond Green was the guest star.

Green is one of the NBA’s biggest and best trash-talkers and was asked about his trash-talk secrets.


“Number one, it don’t matter how somebody feel. If he take it personal, he take it personal. If he wanna take it off the court, he take it off the court, I don’t really care how you feel after I say something.

“Number two is like nothing’s off limits for me. If you have a problem off the court, I may bring that up. You gotta know some facts about people off the court and you bring that on the court.

“I’ll tell you when I know I got a guy. He’ll be like, ‘You can’t get in my head!’ Yeah I got you. You done already.”


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