How Malik Beasley’s Suspension Cost The People Of Minnesota $151 Million

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How Malik Beasley’s Suspension Cost The People Of Minnesota $151 Million


Malik Beasley will be eligible to return from his suspension tonight, in the Timberwolves’ game against the Houston Rockets.

Beasley was serving a 12-game suspension related to offseason charges, and was averaging a career high 20.5 points this season, before being forced to sit out. 

His suspension cost him around $2,5 million in salary, an amount that appears to be only peanuts compared to what his suspension cost the people of Minnesota. That amount is an insane $151,941,600, all of which stemming from the food sector.

Redditor Sp_Gamer_Liv, took into consideration that fast food chain Arby’s has a promotion that makes fans eligible to receive a free French Dip and Swiss at any Arby’s in Minnesota (besides 7) if the Wolves make at least 12 3-point shots in a game.

Here is his math:


Malik Beasley is also the best Timberwolves 3 point shooter making an average of 3.5 successful shots a night.

So this begs the question: how much did Minnesota lose in free food due to Malik’s 12 game suspension.

1.How many games did we not hit 12 3s and how many were within three?

There were 7 games where we didn’t hit 12 threes but only 6 were within 3 of 12

2. What is the price of an Arby’s French Dip and Swiss?


3. How many Minnesotans are there?

Google says there’s 5.64 Million Minnesotans

3.a. What about people not living in Minnesota driving over

Nobody who wasn’t born in Minnesota would be a fan of the Wolves, that’s dumb

3.b. But what about the 7 Arby’s that don’t honor the deal?

You can drive to another Arby’s, also please call your local congressman to change that


Here’s the Equation I used

(5,640,000 x 4.49) x 6 = X

So the the math

5,640,000 x 4.49 = 25,323,600 (The cost of a single game)

25,323,600 x 6 = 151,941,600

So there you have it

Malik Beasley’s suspension cost Minnesota $151,941,600 in free food


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