Victor Wembanyama Considers Tanking A ‘Weird Strategy’

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Victor Wembanyama Considers Tanking A ‘Weird Strategy’


French unicorn Victor Wembanyama is going to be a member of 2023’s NBA draft class, and people talk about him as a “generational” talent. At 7’4″ and blessed with athleticism that belies his height, Wembanyama could turn a drifting team into a contender in his rookie season. It’s a fair call that he would improve any NBA team that drafts him, and he could surely improve any of the teams likely to finish poorly enough this season to earn a high draft pick. 

It’s not even mid-way through the season, but the hype is already skipping a lot of rookies this season and going straight toward the projected No.1 overall pick. Wembanyama has been at the top of the NBA radar and has wowed fans due to his unique combination of size, athleticism and skill. He can push the ball up the court seamlessly, can shoot the ball beyond three-point line and can protect the rim on the other end while towering over anyone with his 7-foot-4 height and 8-foot wingspan.

Jumping out as a can’t-miss generational talent, many have been lining Wembanyama up to the likes of LeBron James, who entered the league straight out of high school and was arguably the most hyped prospect of all-time

Given his unique talent and potential, there’s a massive contingent of fans saying that the young Frenchman is on path to become an NBA all-time great. Many people expected a tanking race for the ages in this NBA season, to just have a mere chance at what could easily turn out one of the best players ever. 

The tanking race however has thankfully been pretty normal as of now. No team seems to lose on purpose and all the teams have been playing hard enough to negate a tanking aspect. This might even be a good thing for the eventual lucky team to be awarded with the number one pick as Wembanyama himself now said that he considers taking a ‘weird strategy’.

Per Le Parisien


“Tanking? It’s a weird strategy. I find it unreasonable, and I try not to think about it. I also heard that the NBA considered changing a few rules for me, but that doesn’t concern me.”


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