Trae Young On Almost Being Snubbed Again: “That Will Continue To Take Care Of Itself”

Photo Credit: Len Werle/OpenCourt-Basketball


Every NBA season, the announcement of All-Star rosters sparks a mix of excitement and debate among fans, players, and analysts. In the midst of cheers for those selected, there are also groans for perceived omissions — the All-Star snubs.

The term “snub” has become synonymous with players who, despite stellar individual performances, find themselves on the outside looking in when the star-studded lineups are unveiled.

Before being named a replacement player for the Eastern Conference, Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young was amongst the biggest snubs for the 2024 NBA All-Star Game that will take place in Indianapolis this Sunday.

While the Atlanta Hawks are in the midst of yet another mediocre to subpar season, they still rank high enough to currently hold a spot that would take them to the in the Play-In Tournament.

But team Record aside, Young has been on a tear this season, averaging 26.7 points, and 10.9 assists. With this, and before being named a replacement, he was only the second player in NBA History to average more than 25 points on 55+% TS, while dishing out more than 10 assists, to not make the All-Star Game.

The other player, you ask? Well, 2022-23 Trae Young!

During the NBA All-Star Media Day, I was able to ask Young what he thinks might be the reason he tends to get overlooked in the All-Star selection process – whether that’s fans, the media or coaches.


“I have no idea,” Trae Young said. “Who knows why it is that way. But I don’t really get caught up in it. I’ma just continue to go out and play the way I do, and try to win. I know that will continue to take care of itself, but I don”t get caught up in why, or why not, this and that, I know it’ll turn eventually.”


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