Top New Zealand Basketball Players To Promote Bookmakers

New Zealand Basketball Federation is the governing body and the national organization of all the professional basketball players from all over New Zealand. The organization is responsible for promoting the game and protecting the interest of the players. The New Zealand Basketball Team nicknamed the “Tall Blacks” has come a long way from forming teams in the 1980s to participating in various international events and ranking third in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Basketball in New Zealand: A Brief History 

The popularity of Basketball in New Zealand had begun to rise from the early eighties and in 1981, six teams formed a national league for the first time. New Zealand Basketball Federation was created the following year, which gradually grew in size. The number of teams also increased and the sponsorship started to pour in. 

The National Men’s Team, also known as the Tall Blacks first participated in the 2000 Summer Olympics held at Sydney and later in the 2004 Summer Olympics held at Athens. The team marked its place by ranking second in the 2006 Commonwealth Games and after winning a series of tournaments wearing their special uniform, the team currently ranks 27 in the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) ranking.  

Top-Notch New Zealand Basketball Players Promoting Bookmakers

The top-notch athletes from New Zealand who have also played in various leagues in the US, are supporters of sports betting companies in New Zealand and support responsible gambling policy. This step is an advancement in the direction to promote awareness regarding the practice of safe gambling. 

The athletes are extremely popular and they have the capability to influence their audience to let them know about the probable hazards of excessive gambling habits. In this way, awareness is spread amongst the mass by the elite basketball players from New Zealand. The names of a few such elite Basketball athletes are listed below:

Steven Adams

Steven Funaki Adams with an HPI of 46.38, ranks as the most popular New Zealander Basketball Player. He played a season with Wellington Saints, his hometown team and then he shifted his base to the US, where he played Basketball during college for Pittsburgh. In 2013, Oklahoma City Thunder selected him as a team player and now he plays for Memphis Grizzlies.

Aron Baynes

Aron John Baynes with an HPI of 44.90, ranks as the second most popular New Zealander Basketball Player. He used to play college basketball for Washington State University before shifting to Europe and starting his professional career there. He played with San Antonio Spurs, Detroit Pistols, Boston Celtics, and Phoenix Sun. During his stint at San Antonio Spurs, Spurs won an NBA championship.

Kirk Penney

Kirk Samuel Penney, ranks as the third most popular New Zealander Basketball Player. He is currently employed as the Player Development Manager at the University of Virginia. With an outstanding career, he is in the University of Wisconsin Hall of Fame. It is a very proud moment for any athlete to represent his country at the Olympics. 

Kirk Penney has gotten the opportunity, not once, but twice, at Sydney and Athens Olympics respectively. He played for Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers and after that, he relocated to Spain to play Basketball professionally. New Zealand Breakers signed him up and in 2009 he received the honor of the Most Valued Player (MVP) for New Zealand Breakers.


Sportspersons are often looked up to as role models and they have a significant impact on the mindsets of their supporters. The top-notch Basketball players from New Zealand promoting bookmakers can be seen not as a promotional stance but as a positive step towards systematic and responsible gambling.


What is a Bookmaker?

A bookmaker or bookie refers to a person or authority that has the capability to accept bets on sporting events.

What is The New Zealand Basketball Team also known as?

The New Zealand Basketball Team is also known as the Tall Blacks.

What is Hourglass Performance (HP) Model?

HP or Hourglass Performance Model is a parameter that estimates the performance of a player depending upon the results obtained after a series of tests.

When did Basketball start to become popular in New Zealand?

The popularity of Basketball in New Zealand rose in the 1980s.

What is the Basketball Association in New Zealand known as?

New Zealand Basketball Federation is the forum for promoting Basketball in New Zealand and also for taking care of the well-being of the Basketball players.

When did the New Zealand National Basketball team participate in the Olympics?

The New Zealand National Basketball team appeared in the Summer Olympics twice; first at Sydney Olympics in 2000 and second at Athens Olympics in 2004.

What is the present rank of the New Zealand Basketball Team according to the FIBA scale?

New Zealand ranks 27, according to the FIBA scale, published in 2021.


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